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Jeffrey Zeig — Ericksonian Hypnosis: Advanced Techniques for Beginners

Ericksonian Hypnosis: Advanced Techniques for Beginners, a 2019 Cape Cod Institute workshop led by Jeffrey Zeig, August 5th- 9th, 2019<meta name="keywords" content="Cape Cod Institute, CE, course, courses, certification, seminars, workshops, educators, behavioral science, mental health professionals, management professionals, study groups, leadership, psychotherapy networker, Elkhonon Goldberg, executive functions">

Jeffrey Zeig

Ericksonian Hypnosis: Advanced Techniques for Beginners
August 5-9, 2019

Hypnosis is the fundamental paradigm for an experiential approach—hypnosis is the source from which psychotherapy originated. What is hypnosis? What is the Ericksonian difference? How can I help patients elicit a constructive trance (or therapeutic) experience? How can I more powerfully present ideas and concepts? How can I take experiential methods from hypnosis and apply them to improve my practice without the necessity of formal trance? This workshop answers these questions and more.

You will discover how to elicit a trance state and learn its essential elements from an Ericksonian perspective. You will enhance responsiveness and compliance through the application of novel assessment criteria based on the client’s values. Powerful hypnotic language forms can be tailored so that a trance (and therapy) is developed in the most appropriate and efficient way for each patient. You will see demonstration inductions and work in small groups. Videotapes of Milton Erickson at work will be shown and discussed. This course is for practitioners from all schools of therapy and all levels of practice.

Essentials of Ericksonian Induction

Learn the Erickson Foundation “states” model, an easy-to-use format for eliciting trance. Experience hypnosis in small group practice sessions. See demonstration inductions. Extract principles applicable to the treatment of depression and anxiety independent of formal trance.

The Grammar of Hypnosis

Hypnosis uses a specialized, poetic grammar to elicit adaptive concepts and states that also can be used to empower therapeutic interventions. Lecture, demonstration, practice.


Milton Erickson

View video of Milton Erickson from the Erickson Foundation Archives. See the Master in action. Practice state-of-the-art methods.


Learn a commonsense assessment format that allows practitioners to immediately develop a treatment plan. Apply the method to improving hypnotic inductions.

Essentials of Ericksonian Therapy

Treatment Planning. Experience a complete session of hypnotherapy. Learn how to meld assessment and intervention.

Jeffrey K. Zeig, PhD, is the Founder and Director of the Milton H. Erickson Foundation, He has edited, co-edited, authored or coauthored more than 20 books on psychotherapy that appear in 14 foreign languages. Dr. Zeig is the architect of The Evolution of Psychotherapy Conferences, the Brief Therapy Conferences, the Couples Conferences, and the International Congresses on Ericksonian Approaches to Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. He is on the editorial board of numerous journals; a fellow of the American Psychological Association; and life fellow of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. He is a distinguished practitioner in the National Academy of Practice in Psychology of the National Academies of Practice. A psychologist and marriage and family therapist in private practice in Phoenix, Arizona, Dr. Zeig conducts workshops internationally (40 countries). He is president of Zeig, Tucker & Theisen, Inc., publishers in the behavioral sciences.

What our alumni are saying:

"I enjoyed the extraordinary expertise and kindness of Dr. Zeig. This was a very rich experience, both personally and professionally."

"I enjoyed Dr. Zeig's workshop and the depth of his knowledge and the breadth of his creativity."


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NJ Social Workers:

Social workers completing this course will receive 15 Clinical Practice continuing education credits. ASWB ACE individual course approval statements can be found here.

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