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Deborah Plummer — Advancing Inclusion: Turning Us and Them into We

Advancing Inclusion: Turning Us and Them into We, a 2019 Cape Cod Institute workshop led by Deborah Plummer, June 24-28, 2019

Deborah Plummer

Advancing Inclusion: Turning Us and Them into We
June 24-28, 2019

Amid explosive race, gender, and immigration issues, the public struggle between advocates of religious liberties and advocates for LGBT equality, campaigns for hiring more people with disabilities, and movements such as the Black Lives Matter and #MeToo, we can be confident that diversity issues will not be relegated to obscurity. Technological advances have allowed us to get our information from customized sources tailored to align with what we want to know, understand and believe, making it increasingly challenging to build coalitions and advance inclusion toward the benefit of all.

Critically important to the inclusion effort are diversity practitioners, OD consultants, psychologists, educators, and health and mental health professionals who act as informed diversity leaders, transformative change agents and compassionate healers capable of building inclusive organizations and peaceful communities.

We will explore the impact of five trends (globalization, domestic tension, innovation, transformation, and technological impact), learn five skills sets to practice (marrying intention and impact, holding multiple realities, moving from certainty to curiosity, using privilege as a life skill, and managing unconscious bias) and move toward five actions (creating dialogues that get to we, diagnosing diversity effectively, making quality decisions in the midst of diversity tension, linking diversity metrics to strategic goals, and creating community classrooms for shared understanding).

Through engaged conversations, interactive exercises and critical examination of societal trends from the lens of diversity frameworks, participants will enhance their diversity competencies and learn strategies for effectively navigating our complex, multicultural society.


Defining inclusion and examining strategies for managing its creative tension and linking data to action.


Practicing the skill set of communicating effectively across differences: balancing intention and impact; holding multiple realities, identities and perspectives; moving from certainty to curiosity; using privilege as a life skill; and making quality decisions.



Examining the impact of global and domestic diversity trends on the work of inclusion: Can the U.S. export our diversity values? How has globalization influenced our group identity as Americans? What does the current political climate tell us about our multiple and intersecting identities? How has technology helped or hindered inclusion? How do we become media literate in the era of fake news?


Moving from unconscious bias to unconscious awareness.

“Getting to We” Dialogues and “Back Home” strategies.

Deborah Plummer

Deborah Plummer

Deborah L. Plummer, PhD, is a psychologist and nationally recognized diversity thought leader. As Chief Diversity Officer at UMass Medical School and UMass Memorial Health Care, she shapes and leads the academic health sciences center’s embrace of diversity as fundamental to its institutional excellence. As Professor, Departments of Psychiatry and Quantitative Health Sciences, she continues research on racial identity development and cross-racial friendships while facilitating classes on cultural competence in healthcare and strategies for reducing health disparities.

Deborah is the founding director of a graduate degree program in diversity management and maintained a private practice for twenty years treating individuals, couples and families. As consultant and founder of D.L. Plummer & Associates, a firm specializing in diversity management and organizational development, Deborah worked successfully with over eighty international and national corporations including Fortune 500 companies, hospital systems, community mental health agencies, public and private school systems, and faith-based institutions, developing diversity strategic plans, facilitating diversity training and conducting organizational development consultations.

Deborah is the author of Some of My Friends Are...The Daunting Challenges and Untapped Benefits of Cross-Racial Friends (Beacon Press), editor of the Handbook of Diversity Management (Rowman and Littlefield), author of Advancing Inclusion: A Guide for Effective Diversity Council and ERG Membership (Half Dozen Publications) and Racing Across the Lines: Changing Race Relations through Friendships (Pilgrim Press). She is the lead author in the design and development of the Diversity Engagement Survey (DES), a tool for measuring diversity and inclusion in organizations, and has written for Diversity Executive and Boston Globe Magazine. She has been featured in media outlets such as Boston Globe, New England Psychologist, Diversity Inc., Smart Business, Cleveland Plain Dealer, and served as an expert commentator for WEWS Cleveland News Channel 5.

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